Terms and conditions of use – Product Purchases

Product Compatibility

You may download and experiment with a fully functional Demo copy (valid for 30 days) from the DOWNLOADS section available in the website, before purchasing, to verify whether the software suits your Purpose/Area(Country)/Business.

List of the available Features of each model of the software can be viewed from the FEATURES Section available in the website.

You may contact us by mail or through telephone for any queries regarding the software.

Return Policy

Products once purchased and dispatched are not returnable, normally.

Prices & Additional Services

Prices mentioned are Product prices alone.  The discounted prices shown along with the products are exclusive of applicable taxes.  It doesn’t cover any Installation, Training or Customization support services.  There are a lot of help/documentation materials available for reference, in addition to the built-in help, which acts as a complete reference of BUSY features and usage.

You may send us a Support/Installation/Training/Customization request, if you require any through the Contact Us section available in the website.  The charges for the same will be informed to you by email.


Products purchased include a one year valid BLS (Busy Licence Subscription) and an year valid FREE Email and Telephonic Support.  Both the validity dates starts from the date of installation.  You are entitled to download and install the latest release updates, when they are available during the active BLS period, Free of cost.

You may renew the BLS subscription on expiry of the same to avail uninterrupted Support and major/minor updates FREE of cost.

It is not necessary to renew the BLS Subscription to use the purchased product for lifelong.  You may use it as long as you are satisfied with the features available in the purchased version and with the minor update releases of it made available to you by the developer.

You may renew the BLS after the expiry of the same and after any gap also.  Renewal of BLS will be valid for an year from the renewal date.  All major and minor release updates and support will be available FREE of COST in the BLS Active period.

For the charges pertaining to BLS Renewal, send us an email enquiry through the Contact Us link in the website.

Precautions to take

Taking Backups of data on a regular basis ensures safety to your data.  Kindly ensure your Computer is protected against Viruses/Malware attacks and Power issues or such accidental damages.

Please go through the Legal Notice available in the website for more details.