SQL Server

Different versions of SQL Servers for BUSY using MS SQL Databases.

SQL Express  and Management Studios of 32/64 bit versions for download.

Link to Developer website: www.busywin.com

Utility TypeLast ModifiedDownload
SQL Express-2005-32bit 05-May-2014 03:02 Click to Download
SQL Express-2005-64bit 05-May-2014 03:32 Click to Download
SQL Express-2008-R2 32bit 14-Apr-2015 23:59 Click to Download
SQL Express-2008-R2-64bit 15-Apr-2015 00:26 Click to Download
SQL Express-2012-32bit 07-May-2014 03:42 Click to Download
SQLServer-2005-Management Studio-64bit 05-May-2014 03:45 Click to Download
SQLServer-2005-Management Studio-32bit 05-May-2014 04:11 Click to Download
SQLServer-2008-Management Studio-32bit 06-May-2014 01:24 Click to Download
SQLServer-2012-Management Studio-32bit 08-May-2014 06:26 Click to Download
SQLServer-2008-Management Studio-64bit 06-May-2014 23:33 Click to Download

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